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traditionnal Tournament-9th edition

Mali Cricket Federation (FeMaCrik) organized from April 7 to May 31 the 9th edition of its traditionnal Tournament named Tournoi Urbain Sangaré. This year, the tournament gathered younger players from the schools and the University of Letters, Languages and the Science of Language.

In total, 13 teams took part to this tournament shared in 3 categories :

-        Children of Under 15 (4 teams),

-        Junior girls (4 teams)

-        Junior boys ( 5 teams)

The closing ceremony took place on Sunday May 31 on the ground of ASKO. It was preceded by the Junior Boys Final won by the Phoenix vs The Dream Team. The both best bowler (Amara NIMAGA) and best batsman (Mohamed COULIBALY) from the U-15 section of the tournament have received as recompense the payment of their school fees for the year 2015-2016 to their respective school.

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